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ASA-9600 Real-Time PCR System

Introduction of Instruments

ASA-9600 real-time PCR instrument is the latest generation of instrument that independently developed by Baiyuan Gene team, in order to meet experimental needs of high-end users, it has surpassed level of most similar products in abroad. It has 16 invention patents, 1 appearance patent, and 2 PCT patents. With independent computer software copyright, analysis software has independent intellectual property rights. The temperature uniformity of the product can reach ±0.1 °C, which can realize high-resolution dissolution curve analysis technology. It has advantages of high sensitivity, wide detection range and accurate quantification, at the international advanced level. This product has received medical device registration certificate in December 2017. (Registration No.: 20173401568)

Product Features

Precise and Sensitive Temperature Control System

Using auxiliary heating function of TE heating module, the temperature uniformity between pores of 96 sample wells can be controlled ±0.1℃. which meets your requirements for high-quality experiments, especially for HRM research. The six zones are independently temperature-controlled, and the sample hole temperature is controlled point by point, temperature rise and fall is rapid and uniform, the temperature is easy to accurate control, which can shorten experiment period.


Powerful Software System

• Project management-style experimental template designed, easy to get started

• Multi-task operation software, good fault tolerance, convenient and accur

• Intelligent troubleshooting systemgood for equipment later period maintenance

•Self-setting sample hole copy number, dye information parametersate

• Privilege management function to ensure the safety of experimental data

•Absolute quantification, relative quantification, SNP analysis


Scientific and Efficient Photoelectric System

•Unique light path designed, fluorescence intensity of sample wells is high consistency and no edge effect, you do not need ROX correction.

•Efficient and environment friendly halogen lamp

•Imported optical filter

•Fiber transmission, 96 well simultaneous excitation

•Fluorescence detection range: 380nm to 780nm filter optional

Channel combination: 6-color excitation filter and 6-color detection optical filter, it can detect 21 different fluorescence spectra. 6 channels are fully opened, supporting third-party reagent optimization, and supporting FRET applications.


•Clinical diagnose: medical institutions, judicial science for genetic testing of epidemiology and genetics

Scientific research: molecular biology, genetic testing, SNP analysis in universities and research institutes

Epidemic surveillance: control of epidemic epidemics: SARS, avian flu, dengue fever, etc.

Food safety: food factory, catering industry, entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau, food and drug supervision accurate identification of food-borne pathogenic bacteria

Excellent Performance Indicators

•High confidence: easy to distinguish copy concentration between 500 and 1000, to ensure accurate and reliable experiment

•Correlation coefficient: -0.999—1.000

Repeatability: Cv<0.5%

• Sensitivity: test single copy

•Wide linear range:10-10^10

Scientific and Reasonable Data Output

• Experimental results can be exported to multiple formats, easy access to LIMS system

• Perfect user management system to ensure no interference between different users

• Easy to operate and short in time

• Real-time monitoring, automatic identification, automatic establishment of standard curves, highlighting fineness and professionalism of inspection reports

Editing of result judgment rule

One-stop conduction of sample information and experimental data



ASA-9600 real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR analysis system

Detection flux

Applicable supplies


8x0.2m tube, 0.2ml standard thin wall tube and 96x0.2ml reaction plate (domestic tube)

reaction system

Heating/cooling module

10-120ul supports rapid response mode system

Semiconductor thermoelectric module

Range temperature control

Number of temperature control areas

Accuracy of module temperature control


6 district temperature control independently



Accuracy of temperature


Maximum cooling rate

> 3.0°C/s

Maximum heating rate

Uniformity of temperature

> 3.0°C/s

±0.1 °C

Accuracy of temperature duration


Excitation source

Full-wavelength maintenance-free tungsten halogen lamp (5 years warranty)

Range of excitation wavelength

Detection component

Range of detecting wavelength

380 nm - 780 nm filter optional

-20°C CCD

380 nm - 780 nmfilter optional


Number of detection channel

stimulating detection channel propagation medium

5Scalable to 8 channels

196 high temperature resistant optical cable

Suitable dye


FAM/SYBRGreen/EvaGreen/VIC/JOE/HEX/TET /ROX/Texas Red/Cy5/Cy5.5 /Quasar 705

Can effectively distinguish between 500 and 1000 copies with a credibility of 99.9%

Software function

Software is rich in functions, such as absolute quantification, relative quantification, genotyping, amplification efficiency calculation, dissolution curve, etc.

Remote monitoring

Can be networked with laboratory information management systems

Data output form

user setting