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Dagatron GRAM&Fluorescence Dual Stainer AT-3003


  DAGATRONICS Company was founded in 1991. It is a high-tech enterprise, focusing on R&D of auto stainer. It is also one of the earliest enterprises to start R&D of auto stainer. As one of the three main manufacturers of bacterial auto stainer in the world, with its excellent quality (many patents and sertificates) and high valued price, it has been favored by hospitals and institutions all over the world. The products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, other countries and regions.

AT-3003 auto stainer can be used for two kinds of staining, GRAM staining and  fluorescence staining. GRAM staining mode can automatically stain smears containing microorganisms, which can be used to detect gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Fluorescence staining mode can automatically stain samples containing acid-fast bacilli such as body fluids, cultures and secretions with AFB staining, then observe. Compared with artificial staining, it has characteristics of safety, accurate, convenience and time saving.


1. Two kinds of staining, GRAM staining and fluorescence staining 

2. Reducing the influence of human factors in staining 

3. Automatic staining

4. Reduce the use of reagents

5. Accurate, microprocessor-controlled staining 

6. Clean trays and nozzles with alcohol and distilled water

7. No cross-contamination in all processes

8. Check the reagent content. If reagent content is too low, the alarm will be warned.

9. Reagents can be added separately

10. German KNF diaphragm pump with life of 10,000 hours

Staining Effect

GRAM Staining  1000 


         S.aureus                             E.coli

Fluorescence staining  400


Technical Data


AT-3003GRAM staining&Fluorescence staining


Korea Dagatron


GRAM Staining

Fluorescence Staining

Carrier Capacity

C 10

C 10

Rotating speed of carrier

Around 200rpm


Four lines, each line 20 letters or Arabic numbers dot matrix display mode.

Main Control Button

6 Buttons : StainPrimeCleanDryResetSlide upSlide down). 6 functional options.


purple crystal

Gram iodine reagent



1.2ml C 1.8ml


Hydrochloric acid ethanol

potassium permanganate

1.2ml C 1.8ml

1 cycle staining time

10 slide15 minutes

10 slide15 minutes


48Wx 44.5Dx 26.5Hcm

Opening height

Maximum 56.5 cm


Around 20 kg

Power Supply

100 - 240 VAC(adaptive)50 - 60 Hz


Maximum 50W

Port pattern

Nozzle on the back panel, simulating manual drip

Safety Equipment

Only the cover is locked, can the machine run, and the electromagnetic lock is automatically turned on after operation; the ventilating port is activated by the filter; the reagent amount is automatically detected, and the alarm prompts.

Standard Accessories

1L staining bottle (1 set), 5L water bottle (1 set),

reagent container (2 sets), reagent container cable (1 set), power cord (2 sets), drainage hose (1 set), reagent hose (1 set), operation SOP (1 set), Chinese manual (1 set),

standby fuse (1 set), reagent(1 set), carbon filter (5 sets)


Gram staining and fluorescence staining of microbial smears in clinical, disease control, quality control and various professional microbiological laboratories