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Demeditec Allergen Diagnostic Kit (ELISA)


Demeditec Diagnostics GmbH headquartered in northern Germany. Since it is established in 1987, Demeditec has grown rapidly to become a successful and trusted manufacturer and supplier of in vitro medical diagnostic test kits, it including non-radioactive product lines (ELISA) and radiological detection systems (RIA, IRMA). Its best-selling products cover human and animal diagnostics, endocrinology, and especially diagnostic kits for saliva diagnosis, infectious diseases, biogenic amines and tumor markers.

Demeditec customers are located all over the world, including biomedical laboratories, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. The company pay great attention to products’ quality. In 2003, it passed EN ISO9001, EN ISO13485. In 2011, the workshop achieved GMP, in order to ensure high quality of company's products.

Method  Catalog Number  Specification  Incubation Time  Linear Range

Sensitivity  Sample Volume  Sample Type  Substrate 

IgG4 Screen Nutritional

ELISA    DE40496      96T   2 h  30 min    0.35 - 17.5 U/ml  

Related to allergens     25 μl   Serum,  Plasma  pNPP 405 nm

ELISA   DE40188       96T   2 h  30 min    0.35 - 100 U/ml  

Related to allergens   100 μl  Serum,  Plasma  pNPP 405 nm


Whole IgE Total IgE

ELISA   DEIGE02    96T    45 min    5 - 1,000 IU/ml    0.8 IU/ml    10 μl    Serum,  Plasma  TMB 450 nm