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Reagent and Consumables

PCR consumables

  1. PCR tube has unique long cap flange design to reduce sample evaporation.
  2. Ultra-thin and uniform thickness ensures consistent heat transfer during the test
  3. Barcoding available on skirted PCR plate.
  4. Certified DNase, RNase, protease and endotoxin safe. 
  5. PCR plates suitable for all major brand PCR device.
  6. Good thermal conductivity that reduces test time.

1. PCR tube: 500 tubes/bag, 2 bags/ box, 10 boxes/carton. 
2. PCR 8 strip tube: 12 strips per bag, 10 bags per case.  
3. 96/384 PCR Plate(full skirt/no skirt/half skirt): 10 plates/bag,  5 bags/carton.