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Demeter PrIEF3000 Continuous Free Flow Electrophoresis System

What is PrIEF3000?

PrIEF is a product based on Free Flow Electrophoresis (FFE) technology, and can be used for fractionation and enrichment of any charged or chargeable molecules/particles, such as :u Cell uCell organelles uProteins and Protein Isoforms uPeptides u Membrane proteins

Modes of Separation
PrIEF3000 can be used for three modes of operation which are used for different application.These three modes of the separation is based on different physicochemical properties (please refer to the following figures and table):

Modes of operation         IEF (isoelectric focusing)               ZE (zone electrophoresis)                 ITP (isotachophoresis)


Separation based on       PI (Isoelectric Point)                           Net charge density                          Electrophoretic mobility

                                                                                                             (charge, size and shape)

pH profile                            Linear gradient                                    Constant pH                                          Step gradient

Application                         Mainly for separation of                      Separation of bio-particles            Analysis of traces in samples

                                              proteins and peptides.                       like cells and organelles                like protein isoforms and

                                                                                                                                                               membrane protein

Application possibilities (Typical articles referring to FFE methods)

Methods Review

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Cell organelles separation

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Membrane protein separation

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Protein separation

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Protein isoforms separation

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