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Protein Marker High Throughput Protein Purification System

Company Profile

Protein Biosolution headquarter in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, its partners around the United States and the world, providing innovative protein instruments and solutions to worldwide customers. It also involves protein production, purification, and services such as characterization of crystallography and DNA sequencing.

At present, protein research related instruments include Protein Marker high-throughput protein purification system, PLUG MAKER protein crystal purification system, and OPTIMATRIX protein crystal crude extract optimization screening system. Protein purification system is high-throughput designed that is convenient, fast, and cost-effective, it is an ideal tool for protein researchers.

(1) 24 samples per time, 8 times per day

(2) 192 purifications per day

Function 1

  • 24 independent flow paths
  • 9 hole valve
  • Compatible with general commercial columns


Function 2

  • 20 SBS movable board position (1 waste liquid)
  • Automatic operation

  • Run 12 samples in parallel and purify in two steps

Function 3

High-throughput protein automated purification

Operating mode:

1. Generation mode

2. Detection mode

3. Multi-column purification

General application:

1. Antibody production

2. Crystal preparation

3. Risk free scale

Software System - Convenient and Fast


1. Antibody production/screening

2. Multiple structure production

3. Two-step purification

4. Different lysate parallel test